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Open Arms
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Home Study

Well, the home study is through. In a couple of days she will send us a rough draft of her report. I can hardly wait to see if we "passed" the test. Seriously, the interview went very well. All our hard work getting the house in shape was time well spent. Teresa is a neat woman who knows how to do her job. We felt "at home" with her.

By the time the final draft of the home study is sent to the U.S. Immigration, we should have our dossier complete and ready to be checked over for errors. Then.....send it over to Ukraine for translation. Maybe two or three weeks for translation and then it goes to the Ukranian government for approval. That process takes about three weeks.

Hopefully, we should know something in about 6 to 8 weeks. We are sooooo ready to get our kids. Mama asks often "When are you getting the children?" We tell her that the process will take several months to get all the approval documents from both the U.S. and Ukraine. She looks at us and tells us that the house will be dirty by then!

One more step completed and we are doing the next thing.

We have been studying Russian with a tutor for these past 6 weeks and begin Russian Language classes Monday March 16th. Please pray for clear minds and clear ears!

Please continue praying with us for God's provision of finances and for His provision of peace in our home and hearts. These areas have been a challenge of trust for both of us, but He is faithful always.

Until next time.
Steve and Carol