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Open Arms
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One Year Home

Praise Jesus.

Today, tonight is the night. Last year about this time we landed in Columbia and were welcomed home by family and friends. We've made it through our first year and have so many stories to tell.

Today we were thinking about how different all our lives are now. Usually we are up early an busy with school or co-op classes by 9am, but today was different. We were all pretty exhausted last night so the kids slept in for a bit.

Lyonya was up early though and racing thru his school work. He was motivated. He managed to finish his Algebra, Physical Science and English by 10am. Highly motivated. He had the opportunity today to help a friend with a house painting job....and that meant there was money to be made, so he was all over that. By 10:30 he was out the door for a full days work. Pasha also had the chance to work today but he wanted to make sure he was ready for marching band this afternoon so he opted to stay home today. So we (Pasha, Galya, Andrew and I) enjoyed a leisurely morning of current events, the reading of the historical account of John Wycliff's bones being dug up and burned at the stake, math and grammar. A quick lunch of meatloaf sandwiches (which the kids actually like now) was enjoyed while we visited with Jenn (our extra daughter/border right now) and our next door daughter, Sarah. Sarah had to come visit due to plumbing problems at home.

Pasha reminded me that we needed to go to Steve's office to hit his co-workers up for a fund raiser from band. He is trying to raise funds for a band trip to Chicago in January. So we raced to ECS (which gave him a number of sales) and returned home just in time for band. Pasha headed to band and Galya, Andrew and I headed to the CPA's office to pick up our taxes. Gotta file those before Friday. A fast stop there and we race home to take Jenn to work. Her car fell apart over the weekend and she needs a ride.

Probably way too many details for most of you...but all this to say...Thank you Lord for turning this crazy mix into a family. We love You so much.