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Open Arms
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hurry up and wait...

The Home Study is done! Yeah! We are waiting on the final report. We’ve been in contact with our facilitator in Ukraine and they are checking on things on that end. In addition we are waiting for one other document then we can finalize our dossier for mailing and translation!

Emotions have run high this weekend as we informed the two older siblings of our desire to adopt the younger four. It seems they are all for the adoption. However, there is still their elderly grandmother to consult. Please pray that she will be comforted by the letter we sent explaining our desire for her to continue to be involved in the lives of her grandchildren. Imagine how hard this will be for her. To be in a position where you are unable to care for your grandchildren would be hard enough, but to see them adopted and leave for another country is more than one can imagine. We think she is being told today.

We have been taking Russian Classes one night a week. We are learning the alphabet, grammar and conversation. We are trying to piece together our Russian phrases. There is so much to learn. Steve and JD have a much better grasp than I do…but I’m determined….at least when I don’t break down in tears!

We’ve asked church friends and others to be on the lookout with us for a set of bunk-beds for one of the rooms. This is the only piece of furniture we should need. Because we are unsure of the time of year, we will wait for specific items for the children such as clothes until we return.

So….what we need now is to finish our dossier, have it checked over and then mail it off to be translated. Then we wait for approval from Ukraine.
Then, while waiting we watch to see how the Lord will provide the needed finances. The finances to travel, just the airline tickets alone are a lot, two over, six back, six weeks there in an apartment……the adoption fees themselves, medical exams for the children, passports for the children, etc. The Lord is Jehovah, our Provider.

The flurry of preparation is overwhelming, but the hardest part will be the waiting that is yet to come. Pray we will use the time wisely.

We checked out a stack of library books last week on Ukraine, Ukrainian culture and Russian adoptions. Hopefully we can spend a little time with those this week. The one video we checked out was dry, but informative! :o)

We haven’t received any letters from the kids since Valentine’s Day. The translation takes time so we have to be patient. There are lots of other families waiting for letters too.

Please pray for the kids. Specifically, for their health, their emotions, their spirits, and that they will have hearts ready and open to their new future.

Pray for us too, for insight and wisdom. To be ready in season and out. This is one journey where we will need to be ready for most anything on a moment’s notice. As always, thanks for standing with us…..
Blessings until next time…..