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Open Arms
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Palm Sunday

It’s been a time of too much to do and not having enough time and of being careful to be mindful of God’s timing and what He wants us to do now and what to do later. The Lord’s timing is just that, His timing not ours. For His thoughts are far above ours!
We are ready to go get our kids. He has a work still to accomplish in us and I’m sure in them also, to prepare us all for the transitions to come. The older boys are used to seeing their younger siblings often and this will change everything from what they have known as their family unit for these last few years. The older boys seem happy about the adoption of their younger siblings…....but I’m sure the adjustments will be difficult for them just the same. Please pray for them in this.

We are still waiting for one more document to arrive so we can have our dossier completed and looked over before sending it to Ukraine for translation and filing. Part of the timing thing that we cannot control! That will be a day for celebration! Of course then we will begin the wait. We plan to use that time to spend on studying our Russian…..another prayer request.

We received some beautiful paper flowers in the mail Friday. Galia made us flowers and had a friend mail them to us. They sit in a vase in the dining room to decorate for Easter. It is always encouraging to receive letters and pictures from the children! A tangible reminder of why we are doing this. Their words of I love you and I miss you say so much. How do we have this connection when we have never met?….how do you love a baby before you give birth?….Like much of life, this connection between parent and child is a mystery. A mystery that God has woven into our beings as a reminder of His love for us as our Father. Only His love is always perfect. May we look more and more like Him each day.

Here are a few photos to enjoy....until we have more news….