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Open Arms
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Monday, September 27, 2010

All my devotion

It is absolutely amazing how much can happen in one year! September 8, year since the adoption was final. September 21, year since we picked up 4 children from the orphanages they called home... and brought them to live in a strange country, with a new language and a new family. Many others have done the same, but it has been a miracle none the less. A miracle of God's goodness, His grace and His love. We serve such an wonderful Father God.

We've struggled with molding everyone into a family at times, but we truly are family, Our most difficult days however were saying goodbye to Grandma Polly on April 13th. After a short illness with colon cancer she quietly and peacefully slipped into heaven with her King. She promised she would say hello to my Daddy for me and that she would dance with Jesus. We miss her very much.

Homeschooling is going well this year. We have many neighbors that also homeschool so we trade off some classes and have a never ending list of friends in and out.

Open Arms Adoption Ministry is growing. In addition to monthly support group meetings for adoptive families and supporters, we have been able to facilitate distribution of funds from supporters to adoptive families. God has an amazing way of connecting all the right people to make things come together.

We owe it all to Him....all we have and all we are. Our family enjous listening to the Newsboys sing, All My Devotion. His desire is to rescue us all.

Devotion Lyrics

All my world
All I've lost
The wrecks I've made here
The lives it cost
Your hand restores
Your works make whole
With all my soul
I thank You
I owe You
All my...Devotion
All that I have to give
Here's my devotion
You're all that it means to live

All my past My tainted main
You stole its legacy Of pride and shame
You're all I love, You're all I fear
I'm drawing near To face You
To know You, To show You...

Devotion, All that I have to give
Here's my devotion
You're all that it means to live

You found me, In a shallow grave
You tracked me out from beneath it all

You healed me, Saved me
In the nick of time
Your perfect time
You found me (found me)
In a shallow grave (in a shallow grave)
You called me out from beneath it all
You touched me (touched me)
Saved me (saved me)
In the nick of time
In Your perfect time

I devote all I have to You
I devote all that You've made new
All You restored that day You bled
All that You brought back from the dead