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Open Arms
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

What's Going On

Friday a week ago we went shopping for bunk beds for the boys room. We had been looking for a while and we knew we wanted to have their room set up before we travel so it was time to get moving. We looked new and used and it was a very disappointing day. They were either inexpensive enough but not sturdy enough for teenage boys or very sturdy and very expensive....we came home rather discouraged! We prayed that night. “Lord, we need money and bunk-beds.” That all we really asked. We were tired and went to bed.

Samuel and Josiah (grandsons 3 and 1) were staying with us for the weekend so we were up early on Saturday. The phone rang during our breakfast of French Toast. It was Matthew's girlfriend's mom, Candy. “You still need bunk-beds?” she asked. “Yes, how much?” She said another friend had found them at a yard sale for twenty bucks! We jumped in the truck to go pick them up. Not only that, they were selling the Bed in a Bag sheet sets for $10 each! Then she wouldn't let us pay her back! God is so amazing!

Sunday the 12th we launched our adoption ministry at church. Open Arms Adoption Ministry is planning to facilitate those in the adoption process. We also plan to start a support group in the fall for those who have adopted, those considering adoption, and those in the process. People need support when they come home, who better to help than those who've already walked the road. We have lots of other ideas that we will share as we make firm plans.

Monday's are usually our night to study with our Ukrainian tutor. She is a very sweet lady. She invited us to come to her home on Wednesday for a special Ukrainian meal in honor of her Father's 100th birthday. It was an incredible meal of borscht, beet salad, another cold veggie salad, bread and as always her wonderful desserts.

Yesterday was spent drafting wills and having a bake sale ( thanks to Becky and Candy) to raise money for the adoption. Thank you so much Matthew for your hours and hours of work on the forms and Shannon for your time and generous heart! People came and took care of their estate planning and all the proceeds were donated to our adoption fund. There is more than enough to cover our round trip tickets. Thanks so much to everyone who helped and participated. You are all an important part of this process. We really couldn't do this without you.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!