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Open Arms
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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas? Already??

Yep, Christmas is tomorrow morning. The kids are EXCITED, to say the least!
We will take many photos and post some after Christmas.

Since we arrived from Ukraine, the kids have done odd jobs for friends and earned some spending money. They had us take them to the "magazine" (store) to buy gifts. They had so much fun buying gifts for each other and others in their new family.

Tonight, we went to Christmas Eve service at church and had 10 or 12 extra friends and family over for supper. It was a nice service and evening with the family and friends. The kids are in bed now and I don't know how much sleep they will get tonight!

Well, I will get a post as soon after Christmas as possible, complete with pictures.

Until then, the Ellisor family wishes all who visit this blog a very Merry Christmas.
Remember Who we worship on this day.


Steve and Carol