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Open Arms
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Time

I've been doing a Bible Study on the book of Jonah recently. It's so interesting to think that all Jonah had to do was obey, it seems so easy when it's him, in a book, and we have the privileged to look back in time....but not so easy each day when there are real challenges staring at you in the face. Four of them literally staring me in the face! What if you obey and then you have to remind yourself to stay engaged in the mission each day. All we can say is it is so worth it, anything you may give up to obey a call the Lord has placed on your life. There is truly no better blessing.

A gift from the kids for my birthday.
A York Apple tree! Thanks Kathy!
This week the kids are working a lot. In school they are working on research papers. Lyonya is writing about lions, Pasah about farm dogs, Galya about sharks, and Andrew about police dogs. Writing these kind of papers is not my joy. All I can say is, "Thank you God for Cameron!" She is amazing. Through this whole process they have learned so much.

Pasha and Andrew helped one family in the neighborhood with the digging of their septic system. Lyonya has been working with Hector doing construction many afternoon. (and all last week while we had Spring Break) At the end of the week, Lyonya commented, "This is not how I saw Spring Break looking!" I reminded him it was his choice not mine. =)

Pasha was so tired this night that he missed the whole movie. We helped him to bed when we couldn't take the snoring anymore! Poor guy. Lately he is preparing for the Spring band concert.


Galya has been a huge help as I've been cleaning, sewing, cooking, planting, it doesn't matter what we do she is our girl with a servant heart. She's amazing.

Andrew has a new job. He is now assisting as an usher at church. Can't wait to take pictures Sunday for you to see. He has his headset that will link him in with the other ushers and security officers. He is in his element!

This particular night we were helping serve at the Love4Liberia Dinner raising funds for an orphanage in Liberia.
Steve and Lyonya working the Silent Auction

The garden is in and growing. Yeah. Steve has worked so hard outside. The kids want some baby chicks so a small chicken coop will soon be on the horizon.

The big news is that Steve and I will be heading back to Ukraine at the end of May. We will travel with 2 other couples. Please pray as we seek the Lord's leading on partnering with some ministry there. There is one couple that we are so excited to visit with and see what they are doing in orphan care and how we can help them accomplish their calling. We also want to check on the kid's Grandma and help with some repairs in her apartment. We would really appreciate your prayers for guidance as we seek the Lord's agenda for us during our time there, for funding for the projects and safety as we travel.