Open Arms

Open Arms
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's here!!!! or It's there!

The last form from DSS! Now we wait for immigration to do their thing. The Immigration Lady told us she had up to 90 days to make her recommendation but, depending on her workload, she usually finishes much sooner. We are praying for "much sooner". This past weekend, Carol & I had prayed that if anything was blocking DSS from finishing, He would stop it and let the documents proceed. Well, it looks like He did just that!

Now, our prayer is that He would open the floodgates and fill the storehouse with all the funds He promised. Carol and I are trying to wait patiently but we are READY to go get our kids. Yeah, I know we must wait on Him. Patiently... with a good attitude... listening for His word "GO!"

He gave me a word last Sunday. He said that the "finances were so far above anything we could do in our own strength" that we needed to "stop striving" and just watch Him perform His miracle.

OK,God, You're on. You are the Star of the show and everybody is watching the stage to see You perform Your miracle. It's all about You and for You. Thanks for letting us be a part!

We are eagerly waiting and watching...
Steve & Carol

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