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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Grandma and the Boys

We were greeted with hugs, kisses and roses. It was such a joy to finally meet Sasha (the kids older brother)! He smiles as much as Pasha and is working so hard to do something with his life. We were so happy to have some time with Sasha, Jenya and Grandma Galina. They are all doing pretty well.

Sasha is home from sea for a few months, taking some more classes to try to get a better job aboard the ship. He and his girlfriend are expecting a baby any day now. We had a talk about this new responsibility and he seems to be taking parenthood seriously. Please pray for him along with Sabrina and little boy Pochinok! We will let you know when he arrives. Sasha really like to read and we bought him several Frank Peretti novels, and one by Joel Rosenberg. We asked if he had a Bible. He said he did but that it was really old. We gave him a brand new one. We pray that the Spirit use it in ways we can't even imagine.

Jenya didn't want books, but dinner now that was his language. He eats as much as he did a few years ago, but it was obvious to both of us that he had lost weight. He was also sporting quite a shiner. It seems he has taken up boxing. For extra money I suppose. Jenya had quit corresponding for a while and even friends in Odessa weren't sure where he had been. However a few weeks ago he showed back up at church with Dr. Paul. We tried to encourage Jenya. He needs vision. He's not looking much past today. Please pray for him. He just needs Jesus.

Grandma was so excited to see us. We received LOTS of kisses. She moved in with a friend and seems happy staying there. We are just happy to know that she has power and water and a safe place to stay. The kids sent her a couple new dresses, shopping bags,small gifts and lots of photos. The highlight though was Grandma skyping with the kids!! Not sure who was crying more, Grandma or Steve! It was an amazing moment. We have called her regularly...but to see them as they talked. Technology is an amazing thing.

They did not want our help on the apartment. At least not now. Maybe in the future. Time will tell. For now we will encourage them, love on them and help them in whatever ways we are able. Thanks so much for your prayers for them! Please don't stop.

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